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What is the Definition of Insanity?

The Definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.


Think that one person can't destroy a city?   Guess Again...


The Save Surf City Recall effort was launched as a last-resort to stop the most diabolical city council majority in our precious city's history.  In previous emails we've outlined their destructive actions including tripling our long term debt, passage of TWO bonds (totaling $375 million) without voter approval, foisting our city into the dysfunctional and corrupt "Orange County Power Authority" to create another layer of government graft and push the green energy scam, refusing to uphold our Charter and fight state overreach on zoning and High Density Development, illegally circumventing our ELECTED city attorney to hire outside council in order to push Charter Amendment....


this list goes on and on. But how did we get here??? watch this short video and find out just who is responsible for Kim Carr, Dan Kalmick and Natalie Moser.


Please share this important video so that we do NOT repeat this dangerous pattern.....

SSC surfboard.jpg

9 (and counting) REASONS FOR THE HB RECALL


  • The HB City Council members being recalled LIED to the HB citizens and violated their promises to fight the state on High Density housing and protect our HB Charter. On April 19th, 2021 they voted 5-1 to table, indefinitely, allowing superstar city attorney Michael Gates to sue the State over the unlawful forced mandate that we zone for 13k more residential units. By NOT suing the State, they weaken our City Charter and forfeit our Local Control over our Zoning Statutes to the State. This is compounded further when the Governor signed last week Senate Bill 9 and Senate Bill 10 which further removes Local Control over City's Zoning Statutes by destroying single family Zoning. SB 9 allows a developer to build a duplex on a single family lot or a 4-plex by dividing the single family lot into two parcels. SB 10 allows Cities and Counties to draft an ordinance to allow a 10 Unit Apartment building on a single family lot. Remember, CA's population is dropping like a stone, no city in CA needs mandated housing....there is no "Housing Crisis" !!


  • They passed $372 MILLION in bonds to purchase two existing High Density projects (Elan at Beach and Ellis and Breakwater behind Olive Garden on Beach Blvd) for PUBLIC HOUSING using a loophole known as a Joint Powers Agreement! Bonds are legally required to go to a Vote of the Citizens. These Housing Projects deny the city over $500,000.00 per year in property tax revenue for 35 years!! (Amortized at 2% increase per year the loss to city after 35 years is $1,000,000.00 per year). This one deal DOUBLED THE CITY’S DEBT IN UNDER 1 YEAR with nothing positive to show for it.


  • At a December 21, 2021 City Council Meeting, just days before Christmas when Dan Kalmick, Mike Posey, and Barbara Delgleize knew that many people were out of town, visiting family, and unable to watch the City Council Meeting, these three Council Members quietly brought an initiative to hire outside legal services falsely claiming that the current City Attorney Michael Gates, who Huntington Beach voted for and designated as the City's sole legal counsel and legal voice, was not delivering on their expectations. This initiative by these 3 Council Members is a blatant violation of the City Charter, our highest local law, that gives the people of Huntington Beach the power and the vote to elect Michael Gates and designate him as the City's only lawyer. This is by design, a division of government to prevent City Council from hiring an outside attorney lapdog to engage in violations of law behind closed doors.


  • After councilman Tito Ortiz' resignation they manipulated the electoral process to avoid appointing the 1st runner-up Gracey Van Der Mark and instead appointed Rhonda Bolton, a Washington lobbyist and deeply Progressive activist that, because of her radical politics, could never be elected.


  • They created "secret" 3 member boards and subcommittees with no public input or transparency and UNILATERALLY appointed agenda-driven members like their appointment of Rhonda Bolton to City Council. 


  • They have committed $15 million to start up a Homeless Shelter that should have been funded by the County. Ongoing costs will be in excess of $1.5 million per year....which should ALSO be funded by the county....and STILL have not put so much as a dent in the homeless crisis in our city. 


  • In late 2021 they held another special meeting to hide the purchase of the Quality Inn on Beach Blvd to turn it into a permanent Homeless Hotel that will keep the neighborhood in constant fear of crime.


  • They held a record # of "special" meetings. Special meetings require only 24 hours notice instead of 72, this tactic intentionally concealed meetings from the public and limited participation.


  • They Voted to start a MASSIVE GOV'T expansion known as Community Choice Energy (CCE) that puts the city in the energy business under the guise of pushing "green" energy. Similar programs throughout the state are already failing and filing for bankruptcy. Riverside County's CCE filed for bankruptcy over the summer and dissolved. Everyone in H.B. will be automatically opted into the CCE program early next year and residents will then have to opt out if they want to remain with Southern California Edison. Throughout the debate, the councilmen that supported CCE continued to tell the public that they might save $2-9 a month. Last week the Orange County Power Authority announced that everyone's power bills will rise at least 4% PER MONTH....

Let's do this!




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