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Huntington Beach Recall FAQs

How many signatures are required to recall each individual Huntington Beach city council member:
The number of signatures needed to qualify a recall election is 19,024 (10% of HB Registered Voters (12,683) plus an additional 50% of the figure (6,341) as recommended by the Registrar of Voters.
What are the Procedures for Recall
Detailed Election Code and Instruction can be viewed at:
Recall Petition Process Handbook.pdf
Summary of Steps:
Step 1:  Notice of Intent Served - DONE
Step 2:  Recallee Answers Notice of Intention - DONE
Step 3:  Publishing the Notice of Intention and Filing the Draft Recall Petition - DONE
Step 4:  Create Petition for Review and Approval by City Clerk
Step 5:  Circulation of the Petition
Step 6:  Filing of the Petitions for examination by the City Clerk
Step 7:  Verification of signatures
Step 8:  Certification if petitions are found to have sufficient, qualified signatures
Step 9:  Recall election
Recall Process Timeline:
Notice of Intent
Within 7 days File Original Notice of Intent
Within 7 days Recallee(s) Answer
Within 10 days Proponents File copies of proposed petition
Within 10 days City Clerk must review and notify of any required changes
Within 10 days Proponents must make required changes
(this process continues until the petition adheres to statute)
40 to 160 days Petition is circulated
30 days Signatures verified by City Clerk
Within 14 days Certificate of sufficiency submitted to governing body
Not less than 88 nor more than 125 days Issuance of order of election

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